imperial, mysterious, in amorous array

Tomorrow, as I’ve mentioned once or twice already, I’ll have the honor of marrying two of my best friends in the world – John Fraley and Melissa Carubia.

A portion of this weblog’s audience knows the two of them already. Many of you will attend the ceremony. But for those of you who aren’t, here’s a preview of what I’ve put together for the readings.

Entrance Music: Melissa will walk down the aisle, supported by her dad, to Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (the nine-minute version):

First Reading: The maid of honor will read the entire text of Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy”:

Second Reading: The best man will read selections of T.S. Eliot’s “Ash Wednesday.” He’s already been coached on the appropriate use of unpredictable changes in timbre and long silences to underscore the points he finds important.

Interlude: Eleven minutes of shortform improv from A Sparkle in the Sprocket, Lesley University’s second least-terrible improv troupe. No suggestions from the audience will be taken.

Music: A performance of the “Pas de Six” from Benjamin Britten’s Prince of the Pagodas. The bridesmaids will don tutus and ballet shoes to portray the palace guards; the groom, a unitard and codpiece to portray the salamander who turns into a prince. Officiant will cover during the time it takes to change by finding fault with audience members’ apparel.

Third Reading: The third and climactic act of “A Matter of Perspective,” the third season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode in which Riker is accused of impropriety on Tanuga IV and a court is convened on the holodeck.

Ritual Combat: To first blood.

Vows Exchanged: In the interest of deviating from tradition, the audience will read the vows aloud. Each program is printed with a different word of the vows, which must be read in order. Hopefully the audience will have sorted the order out amongst themselves by this point; if not, get comfortable.

Outrelude: Another six minutes of improv.

Exit: Bride and groom exit the hall to Radiohead’s “Treefingers”:

It’s going to be magic. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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  1. That sounds like the best wedding ever.

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