it’s like nothing else to make you feel sure you’re alive

I’m in so many other media this week.

First, I have a post up on OTI comparing Burn Notice to John le Carre novels. If you like either, you ought to check out the other. Or, at least, my article.

Second, don’t forget this week’s podcast if you haven’t listened to it already: our 2009 summer movie preview. We also come to the consensus that we need a woman on the podcast – not out of any sort of affirmative action principle, but because several listeners have requested it and, really, it makes sense.

Finally, OTI and Eco-comics – the weblog that mixes economics and comics – swapped guest writers this week. I gave them a post about the Justice League and comparative advantage: how Superman illustrates the Ricardian principles of trade. You should check it out.


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