last sunday morning, sunshine felt like rain

It’s been a pretty good seven days here in Boston.

The weather has finally turned around, giving us sunny mornings and temperate evenings. I’ve made an effort to get outside and be more sociable, making some new friends in the process. I switched up my exercise routine at the gym a bit, leading to new and interesting aches. Also, adding yoga to my workout routine has granted me a steady flow of endorphins. I’ve been having a lot of fun tackling Oblivion on the XBox and watching Kings on Hulu. And I’ve even had some success editing old writing projects.

That’s a parcel of good news right there.

But here’s the question: if you don’t subscribe to the mind/body dichotomy (as I don’t), you recognize that mental and physical states tie together. Your mood affects your thought patterns. The chemical composition of your body affects your mood. Stress, hunger and vitamin levels affect those chemicals. And when you’re feeling stressed and hungry, you make different choices – different thought patterns – than when you are.

So the question: in that laundry list of good developments above, which are causes and which are effects?


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