that’s the hide and that’s the heart of it

I have some new content pending on Overthinking It, really. I just keep pushing it back.

Why? Well, I know this isn’t much of a sop, but I’ve taken over some of the editing duties from the reliable Wrather as he begins his grad school career in Los Angeles. I’ll still be writing, naturally, but I’ll also be pushing guest posts and getting the regulars scheduled.

If you want to see some of my handiwork, check out this guest post on Batman and Dostoevsky by Jared Bauer. It’s deep and accessible. I cleaned it up and got it publication-ready.

Anyhow, as an associate editor, I will immediately abuse my position and exhort all of you to submit some guest posts.

What does it take to write for Overthinking It? Not a degree from Yale, surprisingly enough. All you need is (A) a love of some piece of pop culture – movie, music, book, video game, TV show, etc – and (B) an ability to ruminate on some aspect of that pop cultural item.

For instance: have you ever watched a movie and been struck out of your suspension of disbelief by a curious occurrence on screen? Let’s say you were watching Superman II and thought “hey, it takes that kid a long time to fall down Niagara Falls.” Or you thought: “I never noticed, but American Beauty and Fight Club have one thing in common: employees blackmailing their bosses.” Congratulations – you have the cornerstone of a brilliant OTI article!

Seriously, we always want guest content. Especially about things other than movies or TV shows (video games? music? books?). Especially by women. But if you’re a guy who wants to Overthink The Hangover, don’t let me stop you! E-mail me and pitch your idea.


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