NFL theme song

Against my better judgment, I joined another fantasy football league this season.

I dropped out of Dave L’s, having lost embarrassingly two years in a row and having no desire to continue supporting better teams’ records. But Ray needed another player to round out his league. I wonder if perhaps we have too many teams now (14-team league), but am happy to have a good pool of competitors.

But enough about that! You want to see who I drafted, don’t you? I’m certain you do.

Round One: DeAngelo Williams (Car, RB)
Round Two: Ronnie Brown (Mia, RB)
Round Three: Matt Ryan (Atl, QB). Green Bay’s starter and Tony Romo were still on the board, but I wanted to avoid touching Dallas for as long as possible and don’t like Green Bay’s chances this year.
(Comment regarding Wes Welker, who went rather early: “yes, but he’s a very attractive man. when you remove his helmet he sparkles. also he keeps saying he wants to eat Tom Brady.”)
Round Four: Bernard Berrian (Min, WR). I believe this is the year that Brett Favre’s arm finally comes out of its socket and ascends into the heavens, where it belongs. But with all the leather he’s going to be chucking up there, law of averages dictates that some will have to fall in Berrian’s hands.
(“T.O.’s going to suck balls.” “On his new show? That’s awful desperate”)
Round Five: Jamal Lewis (Cle, RB). Still love you, man!
Round Six: Matt Cassel (KC, QB). And on the bench he can stay, for now.
Round Seven: Knowshon Moreno (Den, RB). A rookie to round out the stable.
Round Eight: Devin Hester (Chi, WR)
Round Nine: John Carlson (Sea, TE)
Round Ten: Patrick Crayton (Dal, WR). So I had to draft one Cowboy.
Round Eleven: Sammy Morris (NE, RB). They let me take up to eight running backs! I just couldn’t stop!
Round Twelve: Bo Scaife (Ten, TE). The “I need a tight end” tight end.
Round Thirteen: Michael Jenkins (Atl, WR)
Round Fourteen: Mark Bradley (KC, WR)
Round Fifteen: NO Kicker
Round Sixteen: SF Defense

I’m starting pretty much just the top half (plus my kicker and D, obviously). They all play on Sunday. Wish me luck!


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