it’s my life; don’t you forget it

Call me humorless, but I don’t find 90% of what people link to on Awkward Family Photos funny. It’s people in outmoded styles of dress, with haircuts that we would today consider bad. They clearly love each other, as evidenced by the fact that they’re willing to sit in front of a faux-tapestry backdrop in an Olan Mills. Or as evidenced by the fact that they’re smiling. I suppose the fact that people in prior generations loved each other is good comic fodder, despite the fact that those people were our parents.

What you wore today will look as hilarious in 2040 as this does today:

If I could find some way to fuse Awkward Family Photos with Look At This Fucking Hipster, the resulting synthesis would … solve the energy crisis? bring about the revolution Marxism predicted? punch a hole in time (a la Superboy)? Hell, if I could just do a 301 redirect from one site to the other (and vice versa) for 24 hours the results would be entertaining enough.

I’m similarly unimpressed with FMyLife (guess what the F stands for; go on, guess), but most other people I talk to have tired of it with equal speed. For those of you who haven’t: two out of every three posts I read on that site barely merit an “oops,” much less a “fuck.”

Taken at random (

Today, I went down to my accommodation office in fiery wrath, demanding that something be done about my three-days-cold shower. Looking dubious, they sent someone back with me. As soon as we got there he looked at me with deep pity and pulled the cord in the corner that activated the hot water. FML

You said something silly in front of your building superintendent? Oh, hell! Oh, you poor dear.

I would never assert it’s impossible for people in the First World not to have fucked-up lives. But if you have an uncensored Internet connection, enough fingers to use a keyboard and the capacity to read and write English, the bar for a truly “fucked” life just got set a lot higher.


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