we’re so glad you could attend; come inside, come inside

Last September, I realized that I’d bought tickets to see three shows in three consecutive months: Psychedelic Furs in October, Girl Talk in November and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists in December. The monthly spacing hadn’t been deliberate; it was just one of those coincidences you read about.

But I stay in Boston, or I tell people I do, because of the thriving art and culture scene. I could probably keep the pace of “one live show a month” up for some time. The question: for how long?

And thus began The Show That Never Ends: my quest to see one live music act every month in Boston for as long as I possibly can.

My only rules:

  • They have to be a moderately big name. No open mic nights, no local bands chomping at the edges of the scene. The band doesn’t need to be internationally known, but, if they’re local, they need to be top of the list.
  • I have to want to see them. January was a tough month to shop for; I had Cheap Trick and Timbaland as options, but neither thrilled me.

This Saturday, I’ll be seeing Beatlejuice – the late Brad Delp’s Beatles cover band – at Johnny D’s in Somerville. Beatlejuice is about as far down on the “local” spectrum as I’d go. Fortunately, that’ll be less of an issue in coming months. I’ve got the Editors in February and Spoon in March.

My one dilemma: I set this date before Baltimore got in the running for the AFC title. They’ll be playing the Indianapolis pseudo-Colts on Saturday night. I know Johnny D’s has a TV, but it sort of defeats the purpose of seeing a band live if I keep one eye on the stage and one eye on Ray Rice’s 5.3-yards-per-carry ass. But if I don’t see Beatlejuice, I’m out of options for January. And the whole point of an arbitrary bit of blog fodder like The Show That Never Ends is so I don’t miss a month.

So let’s hope the Ravens put this one away early. There is precedent, after all.


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