you don’t know love like you used to

In This Light and On This Evening: So we’re cool with Tom Smith being this generation’s Ian Curtis? I wasn’t around when we took the vote; sorry. But it seems to be a done deal?

I’m cool with it, don’t get me wrong. But it seems like any claim Editors had to not being Joy Division all over again got chucked out the window with their latest. Combine their indie lyricism and their emo sentimentality with a full electronic symphony and you get this gem, In This Light and On This Evening. The effect may not be original, sure, but it is potent.

You get beautiful dance-hall hits like “Papillon.” You get songs that sound like dungeon music from Zelda II (“The Boxer”). And you get the occasional track that just cuts me down at the knees, like the hit single “You Don’t Know Love.”

Seeing these guys later in February; will report more in detail.


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