and these children that you spit on as they try and change their world

Short day today, so I’m going to you for content.

First, post a link in the comments to your favorite videos on If you don’t have a favorite yet, visit the site and browse.


Second, if you got invited to speak at TED, what would you speak on? You don’t need to be a world-renowned expert. But it does need to be a subject that you can speak passionately and creatively about, and it needs to suggest changes (small or large, personal or social) that you think would improve the world.

If I got invited (and I reserve the right to change this if TED calls me up tomorrow), I would speak on how to take advantage of revolution cascades to change a culture. I’d have to spend a few minutes laying out Timur Kuran’s theories of preference falsification. Then I’d get into concrete steps:

  • Promote awareness through spectacle.
  • Change people at the margins first.
  • Decide where your strength lies (endurance vs. speed, ingenuity vs. tradition) and ramp it up.
So that’s my talk. What’s yours?

Of course, if you can dance, you can always dance. But it’s got to be good.